Went to see the new tucson, few impressions

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Re: Went to see the new tucson, few impressions

#26 Postby MikDee » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:03 am

miller56 wrote:
MikDee wrote:Hey Guys, I saw one on the road the other day, (in person) my head almost spun off my neck as it passed by going the other way, it was love at first sight! Without even hearing about a newly redesigned Tucson, I said to myself "What was that?" but, amazingly, I knew in a flash exactly what it was, I went GaGa!,,,lol
BUT, after checking it out, even though I love it, I was so dissappointed, it only comes with a 4cyl engine :( and I was thinking, I can't tow a boat, or anything heavy with it. My prediction is, it's gonna be Hyundai's best seller yet! If it came with a V6, and could tow, I'd be selling my soul just to get one! ;) Does, anyone know, if they have future plans to put a V6 in it?

Actually Mike, when you check out the specs you'll see that the new 4cyl is nearly as powerful as the old 2.7 V6. The old V6 was rated at 173hp/178 lb-ft and the new 4 cyl is 176hp/168lb-ft. So it actually has a few more horses and a just little less torque. They still haven't released tow figures but it shouldn't be too far off from last year.

Just how heavy is that boat?

P.S. As far as I have read and heard, there is no plan for a V6, won't fit just like in the new Sonata.

Maybe a turbo 4 in a few years for the Tuc...

Hi Miller,
The boat, motor, & trailer, was about 2500lbs, and my old Tucson towed it no problem, in fact better then my 95' S-10 V6 2WD. Pulling up the hill to my commmunity, or backing up my slightly sloped driveway, the S-10 used to Shimmy like it was gonna drop the trannny! The Tuc was, no problem , how fast, or slow do you wanna go. I can do it, slick, & smooth! Image

That new Tucson is definitely extremely sexy, & seductive, and yes, it has lost a bit of it's Macho image, IMO though, better all around then anything in it's class,,, but, one dent in it would destroy the whole image Image
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Re: Went to see the new tucson, few impressions

#27 Postby miller56 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:23 am


I couldn't find any published info on the Hyundai USA site, but the Hyundai Canada site does have towing capacities in their Tucson brochure. According to their site, the 2010 Tucson is capable of 2000 lbs towing weight with trailer brakes and 1000 lbs without.

Towing Capacity (kg)
With Trailer Brake: 907
Without Trailer Brake: 454

That actually seems to be the same values I could find for the 2005 V6 Tucson. A good hitch and careful driving and who knows...

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Re: Went to see the new tucson, few impressions

#28 Postby wespatterson » Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:38 am

hdsalinas wrote:Well the tucson I saw had the trip computer and ABS but no Cruise Control!

Although it had a nice looking stereo (with ipod integration) if you want audio controls in the steering wheel (which I do) you need to upgrade to the 4wd one.

Not sure about EBD and other advance feature - there was another couple trying take a look at the tucson at the same time as us, so I did not have enough time to really see what was missing, but there is no mention of it in the quote I got.

There are a few things in the exterior that were different from the pictures that I have seen. For example, the only chrome accent in the grill is the hyundai logo, everything else is painted. The roof antenna in the rear is similar to the one in the "old" tucson (and not those flat square ones), door handles are not chromed, and the fog lamps are not round as in some pics I have seen.

I think and agree that the roof antenna / power antenna mast is actually similar to the one in the old tucson.

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